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80% of young carers missing out

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Research revealed by the Carers Trust on Young Carers Awareness Day (28th January) shows that 80% of young carers miss out on childhood experiences because they are caring for family and friends.

The research has been released to mark Young Carers Awareness Day, which aims to shine a spotlight on the vast range of tasks these children carry out, day-in-day-out. The day of action includes numerous ‘audience with young carers’ events taking place across the country, in a bid to help identify others who may not know they are a young carer, and to help them receive the support they desperately need.

This undoubtedly means that young carers also miss out on having a holiday. They miss out on the positive benefits that spending time together away from the hardest of daily grinds can bring, and the opportunity to play and have fun. Gail Scott-Spicer, CEO of Carers Trust, said:

“Young carers are constantly burdened with the worry of what is happening to the parent or sibling they care for at home. Their caring role never stops – whether they are at home or school. We want these children to be able to live a full life, like their friends, which means they won’t be missing out on their childhoods – getting the help and support they desperately need.”

The survey results reveal that:

  • 80% of young carers say they miss out on what other children their age are doing because of their caring role
  • 82% said they miss out on seeing friends – 60% said they miss attending events and other activities and 45% struggle to get their homework done on time
  • 80% carry out their caring role every day
  • Almost a quarter of those surveyed care for more than 20 hours a week

The Family Holiday Association works with young carers and helps them to access a much needed break. For more information on this charity, please visit their website FamilyHolidayAssociation.org.uk

Article Source: Carers Trust