We want to banish for ever the words
  “I’ve never been on holiday”

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Holidays Matter is a network of different organisations committed to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to benefit from breaks away from home.

Holidays Matter is coordinated by the Family Holiday Association, who provide short breaks in the UK for disadvantaged children and their families.

The charity was set up by Joan and Pat Laurance in 1975. At the heart of the couple’s vision for a brighter future for people in hardship was the belief that spending time together away from everyday life improves the health and well-being of everyone in the family unit.

Many of the families helped have never left the places where they live and are affected by problems related to disability, mental health, bereavement, domestic violence and poverty.

The Family Holiday Association relies on referrals from professionals in the community who submit applications on behalf of families. Doing things this way means we can be sure that the money we raise goes to families who will benefit most from a short break.

Every day we see trauma and heartache experienced by vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our society, but we also see how much difference a simple trip to the British seaside can make. We launched the Holidays Matter movement in the hope that everyone – from businesses to charities, politicians to the general public – could understand the power of a simple break from everyday hardship. We also wanted to find a way to reward good practice in business, to encourage others to adopt good practice, and to publicise the business benefits of becoming engaged in social tourism.

We are grateful for the kindness of our supporters, without whom we would be unable to make a difference. If you would like to donate to our charity, it couldn’t be simpler. Just head to familyholidayassociation.org.uk and click ‘Donate here’.

Here are a few words from some of the families who have benefited:

“After my trip, I am all laughing and happy inside!”

— Child aged 7, London

“I feel like a different person. No worries or fears. Just being able to do fun things with the girls and see their faces was magical.”

— Mother, Abergele

“The memories have got us through difficult times since coming home.”

— Family, Glasgow

“The benefits of increased confidence from taking my daughter on her first break were more life-changing than I thought they could be.”

— Mother, Braintree

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